“Reporter Jottings”: “Rauh Report”; “Rundown” Talks Vets and Hustlers; Correa Signs With Twins

Just wanted to write a quick “Jottings” post to share a few things Royals-related things that happened the past couple of days. Some really great content flowing since the lockout, and really am looking forward to a fantastic full season of baseball which is set to begin on April 7th.

Anyways, onto this edition of the “Jottings”.

Appearance on “Rauh Report” to Talk Royals

I had a great opportunity last Wednesday, I was able to talk with Christian Rauh of “Slasher Sports” to talk about the Royals, their offseason, and the upcoming season. The full episode can be found below:

It was great to talk with Christian, who was an incredibly generous host. He’s also an Orioles fan, so he definitely understands the plight of being a fan of a baseball team going through a tough rebuild.

Check out the podcast, as well as other episodes, as he goes around the league to talk with content creators of all 30 teams leading up to Opening Day.

“Royals Rundown Talks” with Jason Kander About Veterans and KC Hustlers

Jacob and Lucas are doing a phenomenal job with their podcast, the “Royals Rundown”, and I am excited about what they are going to bring to this upcoming season. Both guys are genuine dudes, and very easy to talk to. We had a great podcast where we did an all-time Royals draft, but the audio got messed up and unfortunately, it’s been put on the back-burner. Someday hopefully!

In their latest episode, Jacob and Lucas talk with Jason Kander about the Veterans Community Project and the KC Hustlers, an adult baseball league. Jacob and Lucas are both veterans and love their country as well as Royals baseball, so this was an incredibly fascinating listen.

If you’re not following the Royals Rundown on Twitter, that needs to change ASAP. They’re doing some great things content-wise and will continue to do so throughout the season.

Carlos Correa Signs With the Twins

When I woke up Saturday morning, Jeff Passan dropped this absolute bomb overnight:

Suddenly, the Twins went from a middling team in the AL Central, to maybe a contender with the White Sox for the AL Crown. The White Sox have better pitching, so they’re still the favorites, but it appears to be the White Sox and Twins at the top, with everyone else (Tigers, Guardians, and Royals) jockeying for third.

What makes this deal interesting is the opt-out after one year, which could make Correa an interesting trade candidate, should the season go south for Minnesota, as Alex Duvall of Royals Farm Report mentioned on Twitter:

The Twins do have to address their pitching, as it’s hard to be optimistic about this rotation beyond Sonny Gray and Joe Ryan (I’m not a big Bailey Ober believer). It will be interesting to see if the Twins follow this up with another all-in move, perhaps going after a pitcher like Frankie Montas or Sean Manaea, in order to boost their rotation and solidify their status at the top of the AL Central this season.

Let’s just say this:

The AL Central is going to be a whole lot more interesting than it was back in 2021.

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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