“21 in 21” Prospect Watch (And overall Top 40 list)

Photo Credit: Baseball America

Though the Royals Reporter focuses more on the Royals at the Big League level, he does have an interest in prospects and what is going on in the Minors.

Listed below are the 21 most interesting prospects to follow in the Royals system in 2021. This is NOT a Prospect Ranking based on skill or outlook, but more of a ranking in terms of who should be worth paying attention to as casual Royals fan. I will leave the prospects rankings and more in-depth reports to sites like Royals Farm Report and Royals Academy, who both do amazing jobs when it comes to covering prospects and teams in the Royals’ Minor League system.

Anyways, here is the list. This list will be updated, with links to follow after I write each individual profile.

The Royals Reporter “21 in 21” Watch Rankings

An Introduction to the “21 in 21 Royals Prospects to Watch” list.

  1. Bobby Witt, Jr., SS/3B (Posted on January 4th)
  2. Daniel Lynch, LHP (Posted on January 17th)
  3. Asa Lacy, LHP (Posted on January 17th)
  4. Jackson Kowar, RHP (Posted on January 24th)
  5. Erick Pena, OF (Posted on February 3rd)
  6. Kyle Isbel, OF (Posted on February 3rd)
  7. Nick Loftin, MI (Posted on March 15th)
  8. Seuly Matias, OF (Posted on March 15th)
  9. Nick Pratto, 1B (Posted on March 15th)
  10. MJ Melendez, C (Posted on March 18th)
  11. Austin Cox, LHP (Posted on March 18th)
  12. Jonathan Bowlan, RHP (Posted on March 18th)
  13. Brady McConnell ,UT
  14. Brewer Hicklen, OF
  15. Ben Hernandez, RHP
  16. Zach Haake, RHP
  17. Darryl Collins, OF
  18. Tyler Gentry, OF
  19. Lucius Fox, MI/OF
  20. Sebastian Rivero, C
  21. Alec Marsh, RHP

The remaining “Top 40” Royals prospects to watch in 2021

  1. Angel Zerpa, LHP
  2. Daniel Tillo, LHP
  3. Maikel Garcia, SS
  4. Yefri Del Rosario, RHP
  5. Emmanuel Rivera, 3B
  6. Brandon Marklund, RHP
  7. Noah Murdock, RHP
  8. Wilmin Candelario, SS
  9. Clay Dungan, MI
  10. Gabriel Cancel, MI
  11. Jon Heasley, RHP
  12. Yohanse Morel, RHP
  13. Charlie Neuweiler, RHP
  14. Omar Hernandez, C
  15. Will Klein, RHP
  16. Vinnie Pasquantino, 1B
  17. Samuel Valerio, RHP
  18. Adrian Alcantara, RHP
  19. Tucker Bradley, OF