The African-American Royals Project

With everything going on in the country regarding the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and the racial unrest, I felt it was proper to profile some of the greatest black players who have ever worn a Royals uniform. Kansas City is an epicenter for African-American baseball history in this country stemming from the Negro Leagues and Kansas City Monarchs who were both headquartered in Kansas City. This is further evidenced by the Negro League Baseball Museum, which is located in the Jazz District off of 18th and Vine, another epicenter for African-American culture and history in Kansas City.

This project sets to honor those African-American Royals players and examine their cultural and on-field impact to Royals baseball, and perhaps Kansas City baseball in general. Furthermore, I will also examine one important season from that player and why it was statistically significant in their career. Some of these profiles will be of Royals “Hall of Fame” members. Some will not. But all these pieces will aim to bring awareness and recognition to some of the greatest African-American athletes who have played in Kansas City over the 52-year history of the Kansas City Royals Franchise.

The African-American Royals List