The Easter Royals Series

The “Easter Royals” series takes a look at three seasons in the course of Royals history in which they surprised everyone in Major League Baseball. There are technically three seasons that could be considered “Easter” seasons: 1971, 2003, and 2013. While none of the teams made the postseason, they went from cellar dwellers to division contenders in the course of one season, much to the delight of Kansas City sports fans.

Each post in the “Easter Royals” series looks at the season as a whole, who were the key contributors, and what that season meant for the Royals in the near future. Some of the seasons laid the groundwork for future success (1971 and 2013). In some cases, it was just a flash in the pan (2003). However, the “Easter Royals” season brought hope back to Kansas City during the summer months, and made Royals baseball and Kauffman Stadium (or Municipal Stadium) the place to be at again.

Royals Easter Season Series Posts