The Royals “Hall of Not Forgotten”

So we all know about the Royals “Hall of Fame”. The whole point of the Royals “Hall of Fame” is to recognize and celebrate those who have added to Kansas City Royals baseball history and heritage both on and off the field. Furthermore, the Royals “Hall of Fame” celebrates the “best of the best” of those who have ever donned a Royals uniform, or represented the Royals in some official capacity.

However, what about those Royals players who contributed, but not enough to be “Hall of Fame” members? What about those Royals players who had some impact or contributed to Royals history, but perhaps did not do enough as Royals to cement their legacy in the Royals “Hall of Fame”?

That is why the Royals “Hall of Not Forgotten” exists. Yes, these players may not be worthy of the Royals “Hall of Fame” plaques in the Royals “Hall of Fame” museum at Kauffman Stadium. Maybe they won’t have the name adorned in the stadium for Royals fans to behold. However, these are Royals players who deserve some recognition or story to be told here on this blog. They may have not had a legacy in Kansas City worth remembering like George Brett, Frank White, or Dennis Leonard. However, they deserve to be discussed and analyzed for what they did as Royals players.

Each year will have a Royals “Hall of Not Forgotten” class of two members: one pitcher and a hitter. These aren’t the best statistical players of that year, necessarily. These are instead Royals players who most likely will be forgotten in terms of their impact on the Royals, either that year or during their overall time in Kansas City. And this project is to celebrate or at least put a spotlight on those Royals players who otherwise would get lost in the sands of Kansas City baseball history and time.

While there is no set timeline for how these profiles will be spread out, there will be two profiles per year written before moving onto the next season. An archive of all Royals “Hall of Not Forgotten” can be found here, with a link and name of the player profiled. The first-year focused on will be 2014, a year in which the Royals won their first pennant since 1985 (in their first playoff appearance since 1985 nonetheless).

So take a look at the list below and discover some noteworthy Royals players over the years who should not be forgotten by Royals fans. Hopefully, these profiles play proper tribute to them and the baseball fans of Kansas City.

The “Near Royals Hall of Famers” Series

Started in November of 2020

  • Billy Butler, First Baseman/Designated Hitter (Profile)
  • Johnny Damon, Outfielder (Profile)
  • Jeff Suppan, Right-Handed Pitcher
  • David DeJesus, Outfielder
  • Carlos Beltran, Outfielder

Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Under-heralded Royals from the 2013-2017 seasons

  • Aaron Crow, Right-handed pitcher (Profile)
  • Edinson Volquez, Right-handed pitcher (Profile)
  • Luke Hochevar, Right-handed pitcher (Profile)
  • Jarrod Dyson, Outfielder (Profile)
  • Christian Colon, Middle Infielder (Profile)