About the Royals Reporter

The Royals Reporter was started in the summer of 2019 by a baseball fan who follows the Kansas City Royals on a daily basis, and wanted to share his thoughts about the Royals through some kind of forum. Without a doubt, the Kansas City Royals are his favorite sports team, and baseball is his favorite professional sport to follow.

Unlike many Royals fans, the founder and creator of this blog does not hail originally from Kansas City (hence, why he doesn’t consider himself a Chiefs fan or Jayhawks fan, though he does have soft spot for those teams). Originally, he is from Sacramento, California, and went to college in Spokane, Washington at Gonzaga University. He grew up a San Francisco Giants fan originally due to his parents both hailing from the Bay Area. However, while he still has a soft spot for the Giants, the writer has not been back in California for an extended period of time since graduating high school in 2005.

The Royals Reporter has a passion for baseball and sabermetrics, which came from him reading the book “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis in the summer of 2009, shortly after he graduated from Gonzaga University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics. The author has always tried to strike a balance between advanced statistical analysis and fan opinion in his writing, especially when it comes to baseball.

The Royals Reporter began after numerous other blog and baseball projects came up short. Though he grew up a Giants fan, he found that since moving to Kansas City in 2013, that this was the first time he actually lived in a city that had a MLB team and that he has gone to more Royals games and followed the Royals more than he did the Giants. In fact, since moving to KC, he has actually attended more Royals games in person in six-plus years than he did Giants games as a kid. Furthermore, he had always had a soft spot for the Kansas City Royals, as he played as the franchise frequently on MLB 99, High Heat Baseball 2002 and MVP Baseball 2004. When he worked at the Spokesman-Review in college, he had a KC Royals hat, which piqued the interest of the desk editor, and they would frequent in conversation about the future of Luke Hochevar . It was through this realization of all these different factors that the author understood how deep his Royals roots actually went and thus, he decided to create a blog dedicated to Royals analysis as well as baseball fandom.

The Royals Reporter is also on Twitter @RoyalReportKev where he frequently tweets about the Royals and interacts with the Royals Twitter community. Furthermore, he is also active on Royals Reddit, (under the username PMAC44) communicating and bantering with other Royals fans who love this baseball team, regardless of record.

Thank you for reading The Royals Reporter. Please feel free to comment or shoot an email at theroyalsreporter@gmail.com.

Go Royals!