End-of-season wrap up chat with Jacob and Lucas (Beat of KC) on the Royals Rundown Podcast

A short post today, but I wanted to share this in order to share the good work that Jacob and Lucas (“The Beat of KC”) are doing out there on the Royals “content”-sphere.

Both Jacob and Lucas have done tremendous work on their own, but they have combined forces to create a great Royals-centric podcast on the Say It Again Network. I was lucky to join them as a guest on their most recent podcast, and for an hour we shot the breeze on a variety of Royals baseball topics which include:

  • Jackson Kowar’s finish to the 2021 season.
  • Andrew Benintendi’s hot finish, and what his long-term outlook in Kansas City is.
  • Some prospects to watch in preparation for the 2022 season.
  • Talk about my “Royalty Awards” series (which comes to a close in the next post).

Here is a Tweet that gives a snippet to a brief part of the podcast where I talk about the breakthrough seasons from Nick Loftin and Maikel Garcia:

To hear the podcast in its entirety, as well as to subscribe and hear other episodes in the podcast, you can check it out at this link here. I am personally an Apple Podcast guy when it comes to listening to podcasts, but you can listen to it on Spreaker, Spotify, or Google podcasts, should any of those be your listening platform of choice.

I look forward to following the work that Jacob and Lucas will produce on The Royals Rundown podcast, and just in general. You can follow Jacob on Twitter at (@JMilTheHam) and Lucas at (@TheBeatofKC) to read and access more of their Royals and KC sports content. They’re producing a lot of great stuff that should be noticed.

Have a great weekend!

Photo Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

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