Introducing the 2021 Royals Reporter “Royalty” Awards

It was weird waking up this morning, and knowing that there wouldn’t be Kansas City Royals baseball on for a long time. Granted, there still is baseball, and while I wish there would’ve been a four-way playoff for the American League Wild Card spots, I am still excited about the upcoming MLB Postseason (definitely sticking to my Nor Cal roots and cheering for my family’s team, the San Francisco Giants).

However, in the coming days, I will be writing a series of posts which I call the “Royalty” awards where I highlight certain players and stories from the 2021 season. I did this series last year at the conclusion of the 2020 season with some expected topics (best offensive player, best starting pitcher, etc.). However, I wanted to dive deeper into these post-season Royals awards, and try to talk about more diverse Royals topics than just the team “MVP” or “Best Pitcher” chatter.

So here are the posts that I will be writing about in the coming days, as I will be focusing on five “Royalty” awards to hand out on this blog, which each will get a separate post.

  • The Royals’ “Most Important” Player from 2021
  • The “Most Unexpected” Story of the 2021 Season
  • The “Best Game I Attended” at Kauffman Stadium in 2021
  • The “Best Concession Item” at Kauffman Stadium in 2021
  • The “Most Important Player” to the Royals’ Playoff Chances in 2022

Hopefully, I will be able to start posting this series beginning tomorrow. That being said, whether it is tomorrow or in a couple of days, expect five separate posts on each of those “award” winners, with posts also including first and second-runners up explanations as well.

Royals baseball season may be over. Kauffman Stadium will be empty until Opening Day in April. But the posts will continue here this Fall and Winter on the Royals Reporter.

Thank you all for following this blog throughout the season, and I look forward to continue to write and contribute this offseason. I appreciate everyone’s support both on here and on Twitter. Royals fandom truly is a special thing.

Go Royals.

Photo Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

2 thoughts on “Introducing the 2021 Royals Reporter “Royalty” Awards

  1. […] The Royals season is officially over, as they finished 74-88, slightly above most preseason projections. As another playoff season continues without the Kansas City Royals, I decided that it would be good to wrap up the 2021 Royals campaign with a five-part series of posts where I give out certain “awards” from this past season. […]


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