KC Kingdom Post: What are Hunter Dozier’s All-Star Chances?

So, I have been given the opportunity to write on the Fansided blog “KC Kingdom“, which is a Kansas City specific blog that looks at all teams in the KC Metro area, including the Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC, as well as the major colleges such as KU, K State, and Mizzou (of course…Mizzou is like three hours away, not really the KC “metro” and St. Louis has equal claim to Mizzou…but I digress). It is one of the better Fansided blogs out there, and it’s really cool to see the KC Metro represented with a one stop shop.

Anyways, I was able to write a post on Hunter Dozier’s All-Star candidacy, as he was the only Royal to make it to the final round of voting, which begins today. Here is a snippet from the piece I wrote for “KC Kingdom“.

When it comes to slash line (.311/.397.592) and OPS (.989), Dozier rises to the top of the current finalist pool. Urshela competes with Doz in average (.308) and OBP (.359), but his slugging (.465) and OPS (.824), pale in comparison to the Royals representative… As for Bregman, he may better Dozier in home runs (21 to 12), but he still is slightly below the Royals representative in every other category listed above, with his batting average (.259) being the biggest particular eyesore… Furthermore, one has to take Bregman’s HR totals with a grain of salt when one takes park factors into consideration. According to ESPN.com, Minute Maid Park in Houston is one of the more home run-friendly stadiums in Major League Baseball, ranking 12th with a home run factor of 1.07 (1 being average)… As for Kauffman, it is one of the tougher places to hit a home-run as it ranks 23rd with a factor of 0.77. So, if Dozier were playing half his games in a hitter-friendly park like Minute Maid rather than one that suppresses homers like Kauffman, it’s possible that the home run gap between the Astros third-baseman and Dozier may be a bit smaller than what it is today.

Check out the full piece on “KC Kingdom.” A lot of my pieces will be on there, though I will still try to post on here as well.

Go Royals!

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